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Why should it matter that wet, March snow makes your boots create a squeaking sound when you walk around the lake in the early morning hours? Why should the carrion of geese make you lift your gaze to the sky and smile? It is the observance of the small details that fill my heart with appreciation. I love this. I belong to this and it belongs to me. We are each other sings the sound of snow boots and wintering geese, muddy paths from the quick melt, promising spring.




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4 thoughts on “Details

  1. Love your post, Stephanie. Don’t think this pope will be quite the same though. OK: he still has the disadvantage of inheriting Catholic dogma and I totally agree with your points about Jesus not excluding anybody – and of course He had women disciples, which was UNHEARD of!
    But this new pope is deliberately calling himself Frances to focus on the gospel to the poor – he sounds like a Christ-following and Spirit-led man… so we perhaps should have hope that change is possible even in an old relic like Roman Catholicism!
    To be honest, I can’t believe that God hasn’t given up on the established church a long time ago… but it seems He is more gracious than we are! In my country, the Church of England was set up to allow a king to divorce his wife – hardly the best foundation! Yet God still blesses the Anglican church through the Alpha course and so on…!?! I guess He works with imperfect people! Which is fortunate for us!
    Love to you and thanks for liking my blog posts
    Sally Ann x
    Talking of Catholics, do you know of Richard Rohr?

    1. We can keep our fingers crossed that this church leader may inspire with regard to “helping the least among you.” I do know of Richard Rohr’s work and I am also familiar with James Finley, who I will be bringing to my area this September to conduct a retreat on Meister Eckhart. You can find information about the retreat at Sending you love across the pond from another imperfect, but well intended blogger. 😉

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