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Simple Beauty

iStock_000001658830XSmallWe named her Isabelle. My husband said that she looks like an Isabelle. She started the building project a few weeks ago leaving our front porch covered in straw and twigs—the kind of stuff that goes into making a good nest. On a ledge under the portico, she found a place that was protected from the wind and the rain.

At first it seemed that there was just a pile of stuff on the ledge, nothing particularly orderly and then one day, it was finished. She carried the materials piece by piece in her beak, adding to what became a sturdy little basket of a nest on which she now sits most of the day.  She is the faithful mother.

It’s an honor to have her there. We peer out the windows on either side of the door and check in. This morning she appeared to be sleeping. I cannot see the little blue eggs, or how many, only the handiwork of her instincts that rival the best of architects and contractors.

With all the complexities and demands of life swirling around us, a small robin we have named Isabelle has chosen to nest under the portico at the front of the house, reminding us that beauty costs nothing, and gentle grace comforts the weary soul.


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10 thoughts on “Simple Beauty

  1. This makes my day.

    Sometimes I think the personification of an animal can be detrimental, but here the giving of a beautiful name doesn’t take or change anything from the beauty of the bird.

    Such a lovely little creature, and really well written post.

  2. It seems that almost all of the baby robins around our house took to the ground on the same day . . . yesterday . . . for flight lessons. Always a treat to watch 🙂

  3. We have Sophie occupying a bend in the downspout by our garage. We look out several times a day to see her sitting there, patiently waiting for what’s to come. This is the easy part, but when the eggs hatch, she’ll be flying back and forth feeding hungry mouths. She’s gotten used to me working not ten feet from where she’s nesting. I always speak to her and tell her that it’s all going to be OK. She seems to understand. Sometimes we get lucky having our feathered friends nearby. Good luck to Isabelle and her brood. Thanks for the post; it got my day started off on a happy note.

    1. I love it that you talk to her…my husband and I have been very quiet not wanting to disturb her, but I think I will follow your lead and speak to her about it being OK. She has the sweetest eyes. I like going to the window in the morning and checking on her. Thanks for visiting…

  4. Sad news to report. We’ve had severe weather here in the Kansas City area that last two nights and Sophie didn’t return to her nest at all yesterday. I’m hoping that she’s just out filling up on the now-abundant worms, but I fear the worst. There is one egg in the nest that won’t hatch without her warmth. I didn’t realize how attached to her I had gotten until this morning when I saw that she still hadn’t returned.

    I hope your Isabelle is doing well and that you have some little ones to report on soon.

    1. Life can be so precarious. I hope that Sophie returns. Isabelle’s husband brought her some grubs today and fed her. It was sweet to watch. I didn’t realize that the males took on such a participatory role. Sending you love and good wishes and a sweet little prayer for Sophie.

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