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While Rome Burns–A Morning, Political, Couldn’t Help Myself RANT!

iStock_000014572082XSmallIt’s not government that I have a problem with—it’s the lack of leadership that is so damaging and disconcerting. Here we are, having barely survived a housing crisis that still has not corrected itself, while the villains who recklessly abused our economy and created untold suffering remain the fat cats of Wall Street. Criminality within the financial sector is a revered way of life these days, and the fiddler on the hill watching this Romanesque burning of our nation is the governmental leadership that has turned its back on ordinary and extraordinary Americans so that they may drink champagne with those same fat cats at the party.

This week the house decided on an abortion bill that will do nothing to create jobs, protect the economy, reduce student debt or give a morsel to the poor, but it is a masterfully manipulative pandering of what the GOP still considers to be its base. This bill, is doomed to fail in the Senate which means that the whole thing was all for posturing and has nothing to do with addressing the real issues strangling the country.

I don’t write too much political stuff anymore. It’s too upsetting and the story has been told so many times that I have become almost numb to it. But this morning, once again I read (oh I must stop reading morning news) about two GOP men, of course, who are using my tax dollars, to push forward an abortion bill that has more to do with stripping women of any legal, private, personal healthcare choices that it does anything else.

First there is Michael Burgess, who not surprisingly is a Republican from Texas. He opposes a women’s legal right to choose to abort a pregnancy beyond 15 weeks because he, as a former OB/GYN, has witnessed male fetuses masturbating in the womb! That’s right.  That’s his argument…you cannot makes this stuff up, even though he has.  He postulates that if a male fetus can feel pleasure, than surely it feels pain, a new but totally unproven GOP theory. Makes me wonder about the female fetuses that the GOP would condemn were they to be found with their little hands between their legs. Really!? And you’re a doctor?! The GOP has done everything in its power to paint women as stupid, irresponsible, sluts, whores and idiots when it comes to personal choice, but hey a boy fetus that masturbates—well, boys will be boys and it seems to have provided scientific ground for Mr. Burgess. Meanwhile, Rome burns.

Secondly and unfortunately not last, is Trent Franks also a Republican this time from Arizona, who voiced the “rape” exception quietly added to the bill last week, by stating that “very few pregnancies result from rape.” An author of the bill that will now go to the Senate where it will fail, Mr. Franks backed off of his remarks via spokes-people who tried to make the arrogant standard-bearer for women’s health issues look remotely human.

Do we need to examine our views about aborting pregnancies to a greater and deeper degree? Yes, we do. We also need better sex education for young women that will include learning about birth control, responsibility and choice, so that more abortions are prevented. That of course means, that factions of the GOP who oppose birth control are going to have to get over it and come to terms with the fact that we are all sexual beings! Similarly, we need for women to know that if they are raped, they have more than one choice. But if one more man who has never owned a vagina tells me what the psychological/spiritual makeup of the physiological condition of pregnancy or rape is; and then tells me that he knows better than me and my doctor, I most likely will hunt him down and beat him with a speculum until he shuts up!

These are the bills that our so-called leadership is working on and it will not result in the prosecution of Wall Street criminals. This type of bill will not create jobs or bolster a sagging economy; they will not heal the housing industry or help the poor. These bills, in my view, will only serve to underscore a false theology crammed down our throats by a GOP who fears sexuality in women and wants to control it! Chattel, anyone?

There it is, my morning political rant because I just couldn’t help myself and I had to get my ire out onto the page. I vote and I pray that my vote still counts. That and being vocal about the outrageous abuse of what governance is supposed to be, is about all that I can do. Yes, it is not government that I have a problem with—it truly is the staggering lack of leadership coupled with a stunning ignorance and arrogance that seems to have taken over at least half of the House and Senate and continues to fiddle while we burn.  And you thought you would be reading about baby robins and walks with the dog this morning?


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9 thoughts on “While Rome Burns–A Morning, Political, Couldn’t Help Myself RANT!

  1. “First there is Michael Burgess, who not surprisingly is a Republican from Texas. He opposes a women’s legal right to choose to abort a pregnancy beyond 15 weeks because he, as a former OB/GYN, has witnessed male fetuses masturbating in the womb! That’s right. That’s his argument…you cannot makes this stuff up, even though he has. ”

    Well my sweet wife, as a doctor just beginning my 37th year in practice, I think Michael Burgess misses the fact that fetus are in the ‘fetal position’ and don’t have many choices as to where to place their hands. Of course that is not the only thing Burgess is missing. He also appears to be missing a large chunk of his pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that houses common sense! I’d say that the ones ‘jerking off’ are these congressmen voting 37 times to repeal ObamaCare. Now I’m not for most of ObamaCare but I’m even less supportive of the lack of separation of church and state that these political mental midgets continually try to infect our political process with. I’m for religious freedom. What is so sad however is that our Founding Fathers so painstakingly tried to protect future generations like ours from these types of zealous ‘know-it- alls who now would rather waste time cramming their personal religious beliefs down our throats than work on truly helping their comstituents. Religious freedom should be the freedom to believe or NOT believe what the individual citizen chooses. Same for a woman’s right to choose. We already have a good law…if you don’t believe in abortion,if you think it is religiously or morally wrong, don’t have one!

  2. Money talks. From big Pharma to Wall Street. Then there are the ideologs, without a legitimate idea amongst themselves.
    There is no arguing with these people, because delusions cannot be refuted.
    I’m afraid that if I keep on commenting, my phrases would be more and more disconnected. I am so pissed at the so-called leaders, especially the ‘loyal’ opposition, I can’t see straight. Back to the 1950s, only dumber.

    1. I’m with you, brother. It’s the reason I don’t do too much political writing these days. I am beyond dissolution and deep into disgust, because I know these so-called leaders, somewhere in the spongy corridors of the little brains know better and can do better! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I don’t know whether to feel surprised or to console you by saying, “Politics and politicians around the globe are the same; egoistic, ignorant and obnoxious maniacs, who are solely in it for the money and power. Period. All other self-righteous talk about wanting to help their people is crap. I am afraid “their spongy corridors of the brain” have a permanent ‘No Vacancy’ sign boarded up.

  4. I believe the problem is more pronounced in this country than it has ever been; that politicians were not always all in bed with large corporations that we now define as “people too;” that there was a pre Citizens United world that helped keep a modicum of balance because no one could spend a billion dollars trying to get elected prior; that there was a time when the evening news was just that “news,” and not purchased by special interest groups or corporations like it is now; that there was a time in the not too distant past when intelligence was respected and aspired to. The No Vacancy sign pretty much sums it up, but just as Anne Frank clung to the hope that people were basically good, I cling to the hope that people, our leaders, know better!

  5. Thank you for letting your passion speak. So true that all this waste of energy is doing nothing for the greater good of our country. Very sad (and crazy) indeed.

  6. Terrific post, Stephanie. I think I heard it summed up best the other night when I was watching Dan Rather on AXES (sp?) channel. He was interviewing 2 congressional scholars and they opinioned that no one on the supreme court had real world experience and very fiew within the congressional body. It was a terrific interview and I must find the book they just wrote. How can anyone make an informed choice of how it is to be a citizen in this world without having lived in it and experienced the culture first hand?

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