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Settling In

20140613_073608_resizedI suppose that I thought of retirement in the traditional sense in the way that I always thought of the word, meaning that you stopped. Maybe that is true for golfers. They stop working and then play golf until they die. I don’t play golf. Thus far my retirement has been anything but a stopping or a golfing. It’s been more like a wild wind that whips and swirls and when it finally dies down, everything in its path has been forever changed.

The odyssey of sorting, purging and packing started in September when my husband “retired” from clinical practice. That resulted in an encore career in which he consults. Consult is a word that covers a myriad of sins…technical writing to product development. He is definitely not retired in the classical sense. He is working from home. Working from home is a lot less stressful than maintaining an office and it suits him.  I’ve been doing some part-time work too, but mostly it feels as though I have been moving for a year.

To enumerate the components of this big life change is too much. It’s like forcing one of your friends to listen to your itinerary when you are over committed. So let me just say this. All this retirement business has landed us in the great northwest, where hubby, dog and I have managed to unpack ourselves into a new life that day by day settles in.

I woke up this morning to a light rain and squirrels dancing on the deck. There is a writing desk in the corner of the living room that was placed thusly for daily writing practice, and as the moving boxes dwindle, it is accessible and beckoning. Nonetheless, I sit in bed with a cup of hot tea and my laptop, a favorite place to order the chaos in my brain.

Hubby is already upstairs in his office doing non-retirement things. I am now in a position to resume the writing practice left fallow during the past nine months of packing up offices and houses and unpacking and now finally the great promise of settling in. My head is swirling with thoughts of what I want to write about and I am already thinking ahead to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. Until then, however, I am committed to getting into the daily habit of writing down my stories.

Blogging has been a great way to get me writing, because as soon as I hit the “publish” button I have put myself out there for better or for worse. It doesn’t matter if the stuff is good or if it’s crap, the important thing is I have committed words to the page, put forth ideas, thoughts and feelings and now it’s out there. I don’t “publish” everything I write on my blog, but the blog is certainly a catalyst for continued effort.

Meanwhile, back to the dancing squirrels. The squirrels in Colorado were brown. Here they are grey, either way; Jeter has only fierce growls and barks for the furry little creatures. I can rest assured that thanks to my dog, we will all remain safe from squirrels and I can engage in daily writing practice without fear of being bombarded by acorns.



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5 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. My husband retired 14 years ago – we left the US and moved to Canada and 8 years later moved back to land in Maine. Being retired is not stopping. I wouldn’t have the energy to work!

  2. I love retirement, but it’s nothing like what I thought – Ha! I have been writing some, trying to work myself up to edit the 2 NaNo novels I have, and keeping in the back of my head that November will be here before I know it. I missed NaNo last year because of damn cancer, but I’m determined to do it this year. I can’t imagine moving at this stage in my life; I don’t have the energy for it. So kudos to you for accomplishing it!

    1. Wow! I am impressed Two NaNo novels! I have had trouble revisiting my novel too–I am not that familiar with the novel format, at least not writing wise, and I think I am afraid of what I might find! But I am with you. I am determined to complete the NaNo challenge again this year. We will have to support each other on that one. As for moving…I told my husband I had one last move in me, and this is it! Nice to stay put!

      1. I had only ever written short stories, so writing a 50,000+ word novel was quite a challenge! I’m happy to say I met the goal both years, but it was exhausting!! I’m hoping this year will be better/easier because I’m no longer working full time. And yes, we should definitely support each other!!

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