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All That Political Stuff That Puts You To Sleep and What You Need To Do About It!

iStock_000011031548XSmallImagine the United States of America five years from now. What do you see? Are we repairing our infrastructure? Are we still worshiping at the altar of fossil fuels? Does everyone have affordable, sustainable healthcare or are people going into bankruptcy because of a serious illness? Are we still at war in the Middle East? What does our country look like?

Are you more interested in cute kitty videos on Facebook than you are in understanding the policies of our elected officials? Is social media taking the place of social studies in your life?

Is this all just one big bummer? Do you hide from the challenges before us by saying “I don’t watch the news, it’s just so negative.” Truth is,  I’d rather not watch the news either. The 24/7 feed of bat-shit politicians practicing hate on each other is horrid. That being said, I don’t want to find myself tangled in a status quo five years from now that is only feeding our brokenness. So I have resolved to pay attention.

In spite of the problems that are literally engulfing us, I have a great hope, based on experience that informs my heart and tells me that this country is filled with a lot of people doing their best to live a good and decent life. People are great and a lot of our politicians suck. The disconnect is staggering.

Our country is broken. Infrastructure everywhere is creating problems that are affecting not just our bridges, but also our water supply. The lack of investment in alternative energy continues to pollute and poison us. Schools have become baby sitters with a lack of standard, resource and respect to turn out a thoughtful citizenry. In short, we are at the most important turning point in our history.

If you set only one goal for yourself this year, let it be this: to investigate our presidential candidates with a critical eye and choose wisely based on using your brain and not just repeating something you heard on television or from a friend. Then, make sure that you get out and vote. We don’t have many rights left in America, but the right to vote is still ours. So use it and use it well. Stand in the light of your truth and be counted. And before you mark your ballot, make sure that you have thought about where you want our country to be five years from now. Remember we don’t need a savior for our nation, we need an evolution of consciousness.


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4 thoughts on “All That Political Stuff That Puts You To Sleep and What You Need To Do About It!

  1. Yes, stay informed. Well said. As much as I want to look away from the news sometimes, I feel it’s my ‘duty’ to know what’s going on. Our vote is too important to not use it or to use it without really understanding what’s behind the candidate.

  2. OMG Stephanie this particular blog has struck a chord with me maximus….I am so so disheartened with the state of politics here in Australia just like you I didn’t want to read, hear, talk about it at all because it is like watching a bunch of little boys scrapping in the schoolyard and a few girls in there trying to break them apart. But I have put the glasses back on, put my hearing aid back in and I am ready for the conversation…” c’mon Aussies let’s get this nation humming along in unity!!!” We need hospitals, schools, education front and center, forward thinking that benefits all Aussies. I just don’t have the room to tell you all my inner thoughts here Stephanie but gosh I think you and I could save the world!!! Well change it, maybe sort of fix it, Something great thats for sure!!!..your country about to get a new leader, I have been following it on TV,
    May the RIGHT person win…loved your blog, hugs from Annie in Australia
    🌞 🌴 🌊

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