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Sunrise Ceremony

White mug on wood table with sunlight over mountainSitting on the deck, I watch the sun crack through the morning clouds in streaks of pink and orange. The air is cool and inviting. Wrapping my hands around a cup of tea, I breathe in the essence of a day coming alive. This is a simple pleasure that fills me with immense joy. I am thankful. It is the first day of the year that I am able to do this. Until now, it’s been too cold or wet. But this morning, the long grey winter and the unrelenting drizzle of spring have given way to warmer temperatures and sunshine. This is a day that deserves to be noted. This ritual of tea and appreciation marks the beginning. There will be days ahead where I will welcome the sunrise in this way. Fortified by a caffeinated brew and the hum of the world around me,  isn’t life is good? Celebrate.

What marks the beginning of the spring and summer months for you? Please share with me in the comments.


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16 thoughts on “Sunrise Ceremony

  1. Our deck faces north/north west so sunrises from this vantage point simply are not possible. Oh, but our sunsets!!

    Still, the effect is the same. Especially sitting quietly with a hot cuppa (or a nice glass of wine – whatever!) either with my husband at my side or even by myself. I’m one of those people who are comfortable in their own skin, with their own company.

    Lovely photo. Did you take it?

    We’ve had some wet, chilly spring days of late and yesterday – finally! – SUNSHINE. 🙂 It just makes a body feel good.

    1. Sunsets work too–and so does wine! 😉 It is, just like you say, that delicious feeling of being comfortable in your own skin, with your own company. Oh the wasted parts of self-conscious youth–if only I could go back in time and tell you this.

      I did not take the photograph. I am grateful for for this one. I raise my tea cup to your glass of wine and toast the sunshine. It does feel good!

  2. For me, spring is heralded by Mother’s day. I long ago let go of the tradition of having “my men” deliver a bouquet of flowers on this day. Instead, my tradition and love is to go to the local nursery and collect six-packs of annuals and maybe a couple of perennials and a few veggies to plant in my garden and patio boxes, tubs, and planters. Mother’s day is when I get to dig in the dirt and co-create beauty. This is my saying “Welcome” to spring and summer.

    1. What a great way to welcome the season, to dig around in the earth and plant pretty things. A beautiful ritual, indeed. Thank you so much for sharing–it makes me feel like I want to go dig around outside!

    1. As a little girl in Colorado, I was familiar with the song of the Meadow Lark. That sound still quickens my heart and lets me know that it really is spring. Your sharing evoked a pleasant memory for me. Thank you.

  3. A sure sign around here are the cherry trees in our orchard…after the blossoms have put on their display, on comes the tiny, green, marble sized cherries…they will slowly grow into the red, ripe fruit that the birds share with us. When the fruit is gone, it’s mid-summer. Just like clockwork…
    Love, L

    1. Beautiful clock work. Are the blossoms on your cherry trees white or pink. We have an old cherry tree here and the blossoms are white. Maybe it’s the type of cherry? (My favorite summer fruit, BTW.)

  4. Today was the first day of rowing in a sleeveless top on glassy water, letting me leave the layers of winter work-out clothes at home. The sun rose gloriously over the hills, the Canada geese were making water landings with great noise. Now I know spring/summer is here!

  5. It’s the same for me. Tea outside spells the beginning of the good months. You might have to wait a few weeks for the opportunity to get that second cup (4 weeks as it turns out this year) but once you have say in your outside space drinking tea twice n the same year. well, there’s no longer any excuse for the garden looking the way it does.

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