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My Summer To-Do List

iStock_000010690028XSmallWhile it’s true, that I am no saint, ahem. . . . I am someone who tries to be a better person. Seems like there is always room for improvement. What I want is to keep my gratitude close by and grow my compassion. That’s a tall order for anyone, but all we can do is try, right?

This morning I made myself a to-do list, a reminder list of the simple things that make me a kinder, happier person. I hope that you find some value in it too and that maybe you’ll make your own  list. Here’s mine:

Strive to be authentic and honest with yourself and those you meet along the way.

Admit your faults.

Say “I’m sorry.”

No matter how healthy you get, eat bacon once a month.

Say “thank you.”

Spend a lot of time in the garden and in the woods and always take your dog.

Let your dog (or cat) make you laugh (it’s their job).

Be as kind as you can be to your partner–they put up with you.

Keep your sense of humor with you at all times.

Appreciate your friends and be generous with your love, affections and support.

Wear black lacy underwear no matter how old you get. (TMI?)

For every dollar you make in the world, give some of it away.

Let gratitude be the way you pray.

Don’t judge anyone by their religion, the color of their skin,their sexual orientation, or their ability.

Dance to rock n’ roll music, and dance often.

Sing when you clean up the kitchen or drive in the car.

Always wave hello to your neighbors.

Stay current on current events.

Be an advocate and an activist for those things that are important to you.

Dream big and be patient–it’s coming.

Now while I go tape this list to my bathroom mirror, why don’t you share some of the things you’d put on your list? Hit me up in the comment section.


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15 thoughts on “My Summer To-Do List

    1. I’m less concerned about accomplishing the list than I am holding the ideals someplace where I can see and feel them. Heck, if I just get the eating bacon once a month down, I’ll be a better person for it. Big hugs and thanks for stopping by. 😉

  1. Very good list with many worthwhile things to strive for. I think most of us could do with copying at least a half dozen for ourselves.

    >Wear black lacy underwear no matter how old you get. (TMI?)

    TMI? I’m sort of envisioning this being applied to someone like Dwayne Johnson – a whole new perspective!

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder to make each day count for something worthwhile.

  2. My list includes an evening walk every night, weather providing. Love it! And also allowing myself to stop at Cold Stone Creamery every now and then. 😁

  3. Hi Stephanie
    What a fabulous list – I would add, get a massage and take a long bath at least once a month and swim in the ocean whenever you can (and it’s not freezing cold). I wholeheartedly embrace everything on your list!
    Much love, Tricia in Western Australia

    1. Oh I like your additions! I get to swim in the ocean once a year and what a blessing bath that is! Thanks for sharing your contributions! Cyber hugs across the miles (and the ocean). 😉

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