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The Year of Convictions


I like the “new” in front of New Year. Other than that, there’s not really anything that I celebrate. New Year’s eve is my least favorite night of the year to be out and about. People are drinking and they are driving. Restaurants over charge for big meals and staying up until midnight to yell “Happy New Year,” holds absolutely no appeal. So, like most New Year’s, I was in bed and asleep by ten.

There are no New Year resolutions for me, because every time I make a resolution, I break it. Gym memberships and diets are the worst kinds of resolutions, followed by eschewing all negative thoughts and not cursing. I exercise enough. I eat well enough and I keep my curse words close at hand and don’t judge myself for it.

But this year, I want stuff. I want certain things to happen and I know that the old phrase: become the change you wish to see, applies. If I have made one resolution, it is this: to stand in the light of my truth.

I stand in the light of my truth. I am not afraid to identify bad behavior and rhetoric when I see it. If it looks like racism, misogyny and bigotry, then I will call it what it is. I will not support any leader or any human being that defiles another with slurs and policy. I advocate for a world of inclusiveness and civility. I hold these things as personal values and I intend to nurture my character by practicing them.

I stand in the light of my truth. I will not accept the white washing of divisive language by dressing it up and calling it “strong” language, locker room talk, or bar talk. As a writer, I know that words matter and they have power.

I stand in the light of my truth. I fully reject anyone who participates in racist, bigoted behavior or anyone who bears witness to racist, bigoted behavior by stating that they “do not recall.” Experience and age have taught me that we all know when we or someone else is behaving badly, and we do recall.

I stand in the light of my truth. You who bear witness and do nothing; you who participate in the slander of groups based on skin color, religion or sexual orientation; you who try to lie to yourself and to me by telling me that these things don’t matter, but making America great again does matter. I will not be swayed by your weak argument and I will let myself feel disgust and heartbreak so that I fight against you with my vote and my advocacy.

I stand in the light of my truth. I won’t be cowed. I will not waiver. I am not interested in supporting dysfunctional politics. I am interested in doing what I know in my heart is right. And I know the disparagement of targeted groups for the reasons I have stated is wrong. I am going to fight for what is right.

2018 – look out! This is the action that I take: I will not stick my head in the sand and ignore what is going on. And I am not alone. There are many of us. And we stand in the light of our truth, and the power of our convictions.

Happy New Year.


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16 thoughts on “The Year of Convictions

  1. Why the whole GOP is unwilling to state that the “Emperor Has No Clothes” and “Ooops! We made a big mistake” is incomprehensible. This despicable POTUS and his many minions and enablers who keep insisting that ‘up is down and right is left and he didn’t say what he just said’ hoping that if they repeat their lies often enough, we will stop believing our own eyes and ears. They want to hoodwink us into thinking this petulant, mean-spirited, bigoted, racist embarrassment of a president is a great man. Not going to happen!

    1. Unfortunately, they don’t speak up because they have a vested interest in not doing so. They remain in power, their pockets get lined and if America and the world go to hell in a handbasket because of it, well, it wasn’t them, it was “him”. I’m beginning to think that “principled politician” is a complete and utter impossibility.

      Hear, hear, Stephanie. Maybe we can’t change everything, but we can change ourselves and our actions, and refuse to maintain the status quo.

  2. Writers hear-hear very well. And we remember. We ask questions, require specifics. We understand that words are powerful things, indeed. Is it any wonder writers are shot first during revolutions, and books are burned. Higher thinking is frowned upon by those who want to influence others by dumbing down those truths. Especially if such truths might shine a light into the darkness of ignorance, or be willing to pull the string on the curtain revealing the man behind it is not the “Oz” he pretends to be.

    The pedestal of such power teeters constantly. Money and greed are borrowed power at best. It can go as quickly as it came, and those who back and protect such a man would turn on him if his pedestal tipped and threatened to topple their own. It is fear that these people use to control others. However, it is the same fear within themselves that metastasizes into the sort anger and hatred they cannot seem contain. It spills out in their every word, revealing a character who is in constant need of damage control because their ego has made them lose sight of the disease. Fear is a sword that cuts both ways.

    Writers know these traits to be at the heart of every bully, every villain. And when fiction passes for reality, we can see its spots all too clearly!

    1. Robert, I know that you wrote this days ago and for some reason, it would up in spam. Friggin’ technology! Thank you for taking the time to convey such thoughtful ideas. I appreciate your viewpoint and your sharing. All good wishes and good will.

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