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The Changing Summer

The smoky skies of Ashland have cleared enough that I can go for a walk with the dog without coming home and coughing. Nothing like reacting negatively to environmental smoke to get you to appreciate breathing! The past couple of months have been challenging. I’ve been blessed to experience most of my life in fitness and in health, but the smoke  from surrounding forest fires that lingers in the valley over the summer months attacked me this year, putting health and well-being out of reach.

For the past six weeks, I’ve been trapped inside. . . a lot. And the thing I missed the most was spending time on the deck hammock, looking up into the oak tree and getting lost in the patches of sun and sky that filtered through the leaves. Whereas summer used to mean home-made popsicles on the front porch and harvesting herbs, now it means staying inside and changing the air filter.

This summer tale is not just mine. It’s becoming all too familiar a story. The climate is changing and when temperatures rise, ideal conditions for forest fires rise too. I fear that this is the new normal for the west. What’s equally as sad is that there are things we could be doing to help the situation. But it will take government and organization and a willingness to listen to scientists who’ve been studying the problem. My greatest hope is that we find the courage to take action. Action number one: Vote out any idiot who doesn’t think that Climate Change is real! That’s at least a start.


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10 thoughts on “The Changing Summer

  1. As you might have heard (it’s been all over the news recently), the fires in British Columbia, Canada, have been raging for months. I think they have counted over 500 that seem to be out of control. This has caused a cloud of smoke to descend over us, here in Victoria. It has momentarily dispersed, but has left us fearful that it will be back. Our politicians, both provincially and federally, take global warming seriously, but the problem is too big this summer to control. We have to act globally, as well as locally. And that is not likely to happen soon, sadly!

  2. Sorry to hear that Stephanie. Summer is too short and should be enjoyed. My daughters family are in Hawaii and in addition to the Hurricane that dumped rain on them for five days there were also forest fires flamed by the high winds. Fires seem to be an integral part of Summer these days. Trust you’re well now.

    1. Thank you Len — and summer is too short. There are weather events everywhere, more intense than usual. I am breathing easier since we’ve had a couple of days of blue skies. Thanks for stopping by and commenting . . . 😉

  3. Stephanie–I am so sorry the horrible conditions this summer have forced you out! I am thankful we met and connected on facebook so we’ll have that. I was really looking forward to getting to spend time with you. Alas. Love your writing so we’ll be connected through this avenue!

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