We are all connected by our stories.

I love that idea. What I want to do is find the best way that I can to get the contents of my heart, the tone of my feelings onto the page, so that I can share with you the rich, wonderful, sensual experience of being alive.

Story telling is sacred art, whether it’s in a meme, a blog, a book or a film. We long to hear the story of others and find in that, our own journey intertwined.

Story telling is a sacred art …

On this blog I write about universal, life transforming forces – grief, gratitude, triumph, loss and love. I am fond of posting things help us feel that we are never alone and nothing is ever lost. And I like to write about conscious aging, because the subject is now part and parcel of all the wondrous years I’ve lived.

I hope that you’ll read my blog posts and comment. I do love to hear what goes on with others in our tribe. Like I said, we are all connected by our stories. Thank you for stopping by. I am grateful for your presence. Life is good, and in spite of politics and the nattering noise of our world, I believe that we are innately good.

Happy and excited to announce that my book, A Delightful Little Book on Aging will be available from She Writes Press in April of 2020. Stay tuned . . .